Gamer Dragons is a comic written and drawn by Robin Dassen. It’s a spin-off from my other comic Twin Dragons, which is about the daily lifes of the twins Kai and Kaya Romero, born as dragon hybrids in a human world. In the Gamer Dragons spin-off we see their ‘adventures’ in their favorite video games.

You can contact me through social media (see the buttons in the menu bar above) or by mail:


What’s the update schedule?
Every Friday! You can follow updates on Facebook, twitter, tumblr, deviantart, RSS or even get it in the mail through this mailing list.


What is the comic about?
Gamer Dragons is a gag comic about Kai and Kaya, a dragon twin, and their happenings in their favorite games. Expect lots of game references and silly humor as these siblings like to not only play together, but also love to work against eachother in games.


Can I make an appearance in the comic?
In the near future, I will have this option for supporters of the comic. No free cameo’s I’m afraid, I need to make a living too, and I think this is fair.


May I translate Gamer Dragons into another language?
Yeah, go for it! Just a few things to note: make sure you leave the URL and link back to Also, Gamer Dragons is free, so no posting to pay-to-view sites. That would be not nice.